Clarke Focus® II Mid Size Autoscrubber®



• Two BOOST models that can strip floors - chemical-free!
• Larger tank capacity
• 24 Volt battery choices, wet or AGM
• On-board battery charger
• Optional on-board Chemical Mixing System
• One-touch scrubbing controls
• Quietest scrubber in the industry
• Easy to maneuver
• Easy to adjust squeegee with front/back urethane blades
• Clarke Green Certified Equipment


In an independent test study by the Swedish-based Tva Ergonomer Testing and Ergonomic Consultancy Bureau, the Clarke Comfort Pak vacuums were compared to three other leading brands of backpack vacuum cleaners. In its report, the bureau concluded that the Comfort Pak rated "better than rival backpack vacuums on all design criteria."

The ergonomic evaluation further noted the importance of the Comfort Pak's light weight and overall harness design in minimizing stress and strain on the body. 


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