Clarke Comfort Pak 10 - Commercial Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


The Clarke Comfort Pak 10 is a commercial grade back pack vacuum. The Comfort Pak 10 holds 10 Qt. of dirt and debris, includes an optional set of tools to clean a variety of areas, and is design for class leading user comfort. When you need comfortable and extended cleaning capability from your vacuum, select the Clarke comfort Pak.

  • Certified professional cleaning: The Clarke Comfort Pak carries the prestigious carpet and rug institute seal of approval
  • Quiet: At only 62 dB. the Clarke Comfort Pak 10 is as quite as a typical conversation; many similar vacuums are more than twice as loud
  • A comfortable vacuum: Yes, a vacuum can be comfortable to use, the Clarke Comfort Pak 10 is rated by a third party lab as an industry leading design for user comfort
  • Clean carpet clean air: The Clarke Comfort Pak includes a uniquely designed vacuum bag that can be sealed to contain the dirt and debris when changing vacuum bags, imagine never having to worry about breathing in the dirt captured by your vacuum when changing vacuum bags
  • Professional grade: The Clarke Comfort Pak is the preferred professional back pack vacuum by discerning cleaning professionals everywhere
  • Extremely maneuverable, easily clean around furniture and other obstacles
  • Clean both hard and soft floors
  • Designed to direct exhaust air upward and away from the operator to prevent overheating
  • High power (1,300-Watt, 144 CFM, 99 in. water lift suction)
  • Increased productivity for your cleaning staff due to enhanced ergonomics and comfort


In an independent test study by the Swedish-based Tva Ergonomer Testing and Ergonomic Consultancy Bureau, the Clarke Comfort Pak vacuums were compared to three other leading brands of backpack vacuum cleaners. In its report, the bureau concluded that the Comfort Pak rated "better than rival backpack vacuums on all design criteria."

The ergonomic evaluation further noted the importance of the Comfort Pak's light weight and overall harness design in minimizing stress and strain on the body. 

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