Clarke’s CarpetMaster® 115

  •  • Industry-leading design delivers exceptional dirt pick-up and edge cleaning, allowing for one pass cleaning and greater staff productivity. 
  • • High efficiency, three stage H.E.P.A. filtration system improves indoor air quality for improved occupant comfort. 
  • • Lightwieght, ergonomic design for greater operator comfort. 
  • • Comfortable, quick draw wand and onboard tools simplify detailing work. 
  • • Meets all LEED requirements with CRI Seal of Approval and low sound level.
  • • The Clarke CarpetMaster carries the prestigious Carpet and Rug Institute® Seal of Approval.
  • • Clean Carpet Clean Air: The Clarke CarpetMaster incorporates certified HEPA filtration technology.
  • • Quiet: At only 69 decibels, the Clarke CarpetMaster is slightly louder than a typical conversation.
  • • A rugged design used by cleaning professionals in Universities, Hospitals, and Military Facilities.